A Little Faster and a Little Stronger

29 09 2012

Last weekend I had the privilege of running the Color Me Rad in Reno.  Since I am new to the entire running thing, I knew, I was certainly not going to be fastest runner on the track. In the back seat on the way up, my two boys kept asking me if I was going to win, knowing I would not, I explained to them that races are all about getting out there and having fun.  Although they were confused, and really wanted me to win, they cheered me on at every position they were able to catch up with me.  Hearing those little voices cheering me on and seeing those bright smiles pushed me a little faster and a little stronger all the way into the finish.

Today my two sons, Sylis and Seth, were entered in a free bike race at Northstar.  My oldest had been in a few races but this was a first for my youngest.  Again, as we were headed to the race, my two little guys had a conversation in the back seat.  Sylis was telling his little brother he wanted to win; Seth on the other hand was telling his big brother that it didn’t matter, and just try really hard.  I sat in the front smiling.  Often times as a mother we explain to children certain life lessons and just hope that something sticks and when something finally does, it feels amazing.

As we were headed up to the race the boys were giddy as can be.

Getting their game faces on ready to take on a practice ride.

First up, little brother Seth

Next, big brother Sylis

During both of their races, as they passed the section where I was standing, I noticed something; they always looked up for me.  When they noticed me shouting for them and ringing my extremely load cowbell, yes I am one of those moms, I noticed them smile excitedly.  As soon as they passed, they would get back into race mode and I could see them petal a little faster and a little stronger.  At that moment, it wasn’t about winning it was all about just being in the moment and sharing it with the ones you love.

When they both passed the finish line, they were each handed a metal, and to a four and five year old, this meant they won the championship.  They excitedly showed each other their prizes and biked away with grins and giggles.

During the quite ride home I began to realize the bigger picture of these past two weekends.  I realized the importance of just being present for the ones who love you.  As a busy mother, childcare provider, or business owner, it is not always possible to be available for every event that occurs in your child’s life.  As a mother, I too have felt the “Mommy Guilt” when I have been unable to attend a field trip or game for one of my munchkins, but being as busy as I am, at certain points it is inevitable.

One thing this weekend made me realize is that when I am able to attend I need to be very present in the moment.  Today, these two littler riders needed my support and I was there cheering them along their way. Had they not seen me watching and cheering after the straight away, they may have never wanted to push a little faster and a little stronger.  They pushed me in my race when I needed them, and I was able to do the same for them, that is what family is all about right?




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