Keeping Kids Busy on a Budget – Homemade Bubbles

30 09 2012

This morning I still had my crazy crew of four kiddos running around and needed to come up with something to keep them entertained.  Seeing how torn apart the house had become over the weekend made me search my craft cabinet high and low until I came up with an outdoor solution; and alas, I found the key ingredient, glycerin.  With the weather so beautiful, what better time to enjoy the great outdoor than with a little bubble action!

First let’s start with ingredients

1/2 gallon Water

1/3 Cup Liquid Dishwashing Soap

1 Tablespoon Glycerin (this can be found at most drug stores, found in the beauty section)

You will also need a wide shallow dish and bubble wands, found at the Dollar Store or Walmart.

First, fill a container with ½ gallon of water

Pour in the Dishwashing Soap

Pour in the Glycerin

Stir with a Stick or spoon

All set, let the kids have at it.

After a while the solution may get too bubbly, if this happens, let it sit for a few minutes then return when the water has settled.

If all the solution has not be used, it can be stored for the future in an airtight container.




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