Take the Time….

14 10 2012

I arrived at my son’s baseball practice the other day and was fully anticipating working on my calculus homework because I was very behind.  I sat down in the dugout and pulled out my book and began.  After a few minutes I noticed my four year old and another little girl, becoming increasingly bored.  Since it is rare that this little, three years old, girl comes to practice, I decided to strike up a conversation.  I asked her what her name was and she told me, I asked her how old she was, and she put up three fingers and said she was three, then the conversation became much deeper very quickly.  As this precious little girl began to feel more comfortable with me she began to tell me a story about her mommy.  She told me that her mommy had stayed home because she was tired and had cancer.  She went into a few more details in which I will keep private.  As I held back my tears and locked eyes with this little girl I could not help but think how brave she was.

Then she changed the subject and went on about how she was cold, I immediately ran to the car and fetched her one of my son’s sweatshirts and grabbed a few books.  For the remainder of the practice I read books to her and my younger son and just felt so blessed to be able to bring a little joy into these innocent little lives for just that half hour.  Had I not put down my homework and listened I would have never had this little moment with her and my son.  Did my homework get done, no, but this memory of how incredibly brave children can be will stay with me for eternity.

So the lesson is this, take time for those who need to talk and need you to take a little time for them.  You never know what someone is going though and how much they may need that little bit of cheering up.  You may not be able to change someone’s situation but you can just take a little time.  What have you done for someone recently?




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