Simplify Your Life- Make a Schedule

20 10 2012

During the beginning of this semester when I returned to school, I realized just how many time-consuming things I get myself into.  It quickly became apparent I would either need to cut back or really adjust how I manage my time.  For some reason, in past semesters, I was able to keep up (barely), but this one was a little different.  I felt as though my sanity was suffering more and more as the weeks went by and although, I am not a lazy person, I felt as though I would make time for some things that were not quite as necessary and then be forced to quickly cram everything else in at the end of the week.

I began to brainstorm with a friend on what I could cut back, and I realized that although my schedule was insane, I really did not want to cut back on anything.  The only other option I had were to create a master schedule and try my best to stick to it.  So far I have only deviate a little bit and have found myself a little more organized and more on task then I have been in a long time.  Yes, it is possible, and I will share some tips and tricks I have learned along the way to help you do the same.

1)      Start with a list of all the general tasks within you weekly routine that need to be accomplished.  Next, put a letter of reference next to each of these tasks in order of importance. A-E

A)     These are the most important items that are ABSOLUTELY necessary to complete.

Examples: Work, Classes, Appointments, etc.

B)      These tasks are BEST if completed sooner than later.

Examples: Homework, Paying Bills

C)      These CAN WAIT until tomorrow, but still have importance during the week.

Examples: Laundry, Housework, Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

D)     Items that one DESIRES to get done, but they can wait or be DELEGATED.

Examples: Organizing, De-cluttering, House Maintenance

E)      These need to be ELIMINATED.  If you don’t have time, ELIMINATE them.

After all tasks are listed, and have been assigned a letter of importance, then start filling them in on a Weekly Schedule .  Start with “A” items and work through the list until every item is accounted for.

Make sure the list is realistic to your life.  If you do not wake up at 5:00 am, then do not start your schedule then.  If your only schedule 40 minutes for laundry, you will be way off schedule when it takes you a few hours to complete.  The more accurate you are in filling out your schedule, the more successful you will be at it.

Check out this site, for 10 Tips for a Better Daily Routine.

So, my challenge for you, if you are feeling overwhelmed with your demanding schedule.  Make your list, rate the importance, and fill in my attached schedule, STICK TO IT FOR TWO WEEKS, and let me know if it was any help.

Good luck scheduling!




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9 11 2012
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