Simplify Your Life- Responsibility Charts

9 11 2012

In the past few months, I have set on a journey to Simplify My Life in order to meet all of the demands of my busy schedule.  I started by making a weekly schedule and have also been meal planning.  While both of these have helped tremendously, I am still in dire need of more simplicity.

Since most of you know I have two boys, ages 4 and 5, and also watch a crew full of friends on a daily basis; It comes as no surprise that my house is often presentable at best.  With the changes in weather this week we have been a little more confined to the house, and the mess has definitely taken its toll.

Since this is going to be an ongoing problem throughout the coming winter months I thought to myself, what a perfect time to make each of these little munchkins their very own responsibility charts.  Most of the items on the chart are already things my boys do on a daily basis, I believe they will set the ground work for more “chores” to be added as they get older.

I have listed several “chores” with pictures on their own chart and have allowed space to check mark each day of the week.  The Responsibility Charts are going to be laminated so we can use a dry erase marker to mark off each task when they have been completed.  At the end of the week it can been wiped away clean and reused.

First, I am going to start small, and with my own two children.

We have already started the process, and so far it is going great!

Responsibility Chart-Sylis

Responsibility Chart-Seth

Next, I plan on making similar charts for all of the other children; firstly so they don’t feel left out, and secondly, I always treat them as my own, so why not have them help as well.  These will be the very basic of tasks, making them responsible for their own personal belongings and messes.

Since I am not a fan of monetary allowances, but am a true believer in acknowledging good behavior, their reward system will include various awards I pick out on Monday.  If they are doing well, I might allow for extra books at reading times, a few extra minutes to play before nap or bed, or a special dessert type treat after lunch or dinner.

Since they will all with have similar charts, it allows them to understand that each friend is  accountable for their own messes and personal belongings.   All in all, I hope to teach these little ones more responsibility and personal accountability.

What types of “chores” are your little ones responsible for?




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10 11 2012
A Strong Family Works Together! « Teresa Chalmers

[…] my last post I talked about giving children Responsibility Charts in order to help instill good values including personal accountability.  In addition to giving the […]

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