Keeping Kids Busy on a Budget- Homemade Pirate / Knight Gear

1 12 2012

While the week rolls on and the rain continues to fall, I look to my stash of cardboard from a recent trip to Costco for inspiration to keep the kids busy.  Since my kiddos are boys, it seems very natural for them to like pirates, battling  and knights.  Trying to keep them busy within the house this weekend, my husband and I went to work making them  swords, shields, hats, and armor to prepare them for their next battle.

What you will need:




Duct Tape

Pipe Cleaner



Draw out the desired sword design on a piece of cardboard and cut out.

Use that as a stencil and make a duplicate of the original.

The sword needs to be double up in order to make it more durable.

Tape the two swords together along the entire outside border.  Fill in Duct Tape through out the sword.

If needed, add some popsicle sticks between the cardboard pieces in the handle for extra durability.

Allow the kids to color the handle



Cut our three circles the exact same size.

Pick one circle and cut two slits in the cardboard.


Place another, thin (bendable), piece of cardboard through the slits.

Poke a pipe cleaner through the cardboard as well.

The slits will host the arm holder and the pipe cleaner will act as a handle.


Tape the excess of the thin cardboard and the pipe cleaner so they lay flat and stay secure.


Tape this circle to the other two cutouts, making sure to cover the entire outside border.

Create a pattern on the front piece of cardboard to add strength and design.

See example of the arm/hand holds:



Get a full size Newspaper


Fold paper in half (top to bottom)

Cut approximately 6 inches off the sides.


Fold each top corner toward the middle,

creating a triangle appearance with a few inches left at the bottom.


Fold the extra pieces over to create a flared appearance.



Using a paper bag from a grocery store, cute out a large hole on the bottom and two hole on each side.

Slip over the child’s head.

Let the battles begin!


What are fun things you like to create with cardboard? Leave some fun suggestions in the comment section!




2 responses

1 12 2012

That is awesome!:-) what crafty things do u do for annie?

1 12 2012
Teresa Chalmers

Thanks for following my blog!!
I could make her a princess crown and have the mighty knights save her!! Hehe, I might just have to try it on Monday! 🙂

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